Healthy Patient Healthy Life, a new program offered by Arbor Family Health

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Do you have Diabetes and High Blood Pressure? Are you looking for some insight or help to start living a healthier lifestyle? If you answered yes, Arbor Family Health has a new program that is just for you.

Our new program called, Healthy Patient Healthy Life (HPHL), is an individualized program of care provided by Arbor Family Health.

HPHL offers One on One health coaching care to those patients living with more than one chronic disease states, such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

This individualized care management approach recognizes that routine visits with your primary care provider can often be too brief to deal with the many issues associated with Living with Chronic Disease.

Our Practice Team can help you learn, live better, and improve your quality of Life!

Join our program today & see how we can get you on the right path to a healthy life!

Our Program:

  • One on One visits with a care team- Health Coach, on site or on the phone
  • More “talk time” for your concerns and issues
  • Improved body numbers such as A1C and Blood Pressure
  • You taking charge of your Health & Wellness

How to get started:

  • Talk with your provider during your next office visit about joining our program.
  • Or call directly -our Health Coach Tanya David, RN at 225-638-5879

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