Foot Care for patients with Diabetes

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Some complications of diabetes can include poor circulation, nerve damage, and trouble fighting infections. These problems arise in different areas- your feet included!

Did you know that it is recommended that all patients with Diabetes have a foot exam by your doctor or Podiatrist (foot doctor) at least once a year? During your exam the provider will check for poor circulation, nerve damage, skin changes, and deformities.

Did you know that at Arbor Family Health we have a podiatrist, Dr. Palecki, who sees patients at our New Roads clinic? Call 225-638-5879 today to schedule your yearly foot exam with him if you have not done so already.

As a diabetic you should be paying extra close attention to your feet on a daily basis. We have created a list of things for you to do every day. If anything suspicious occurs or appears on your feet, you should call your doctor right away to set up an appointment.

When it comes to your health, remember you are in control!



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