Public Bid Notice

PUBLIC BID NOTICE INNIS COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER, INC. PROJECT:  Mobile Medical Unit LOCATION:  6450 LA Highway 1, Batchelor, LA  70715 Public Notice:  Innis Community Health Center, Inc. is seeking bids from qualified vendors for a Mobile Medical Unit.  Complete bid documents may be obtained from Innis Community Health Center, Inc. and are available in electronic […]

Arbor Family Health Receives Federal Grant Opportunity

Arbor Family Health was recently awarded grant funding to begin a new Chronic Disease Management Program. At the end of 2019 Innis Community Health Center doing business as Arbor Family Health Centers received a 3- year Quality Improvement Grant from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy focusing on patients with chronic diseases, such as […]

House Walking: A Guide to Staying Active at Home

Are you finding that getting your steps in during the quarantine difficult? You are not alone! It is known that physical exercise, even just walking, can decrease stress and lead to a healthier life. The team at Arbor Family Health has created a simple guide on how to get your steps in while never leaving […]

Healthy Patient Healthy Life, a new program offered by Arbor Family Health

Do you have Diabetes and High Blood Pressure? Are you looking for some insight or help to start living a healthier lifestyle? If you answered yes, Arbor Family Health has a new program that is just for you. Our new program called, Healthy Patient Healthy Life (HPHL), is an individualized program of care provided by […]

Low Sodium Diet

Have you ever thought about the amount of sodium (Na) you consume in your diet? 90% of Americans consume more than the daily recommended Nutritional Guidelines and do not even realize it.   The 2015-2020 Nutritional Guidelines recommend less than 2300 mg of Na per day, but if you have health conditions such as High […]

Foot Care for patients with Diabetes

Some complications of diabetes can include poor circulation, nerve damage, and trouble fighting infections. These problems arise in different areas- your feet included! Did you know that it is recommended that all patients with Diabetes have a foot exam by your doctor or Podiatrist (foot doctor) at least once a year? During your exam the […]

Head Start

Our Smiles Ahead Team members, including Allie the Alligator, have been very busy visiting Pointe Coupee Head Start Students. This past fall, all 4 Head Start Programs in Pointe Coupee Parish received a visit from our team. The students learned all about good oral health practices including the proper way to brush their teeth. Our […]

Smiles Ahead Oral Health Program

Arbor Family Health (previously Innis Community Health Center) has been working to combat oral health disease with a focused approach since 2009. Poor oral health can put kids at a serious disadvantage at school and this effect is magnified for socioeconomically disadvantaged children. Taking time from school for dental work may not seem like a […]